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Theme Installation

When you buy the them you receive .zip file with the theme's name. Download the document to your desktop. Please do not unzip as it will need to be uploaded as is.

  • STEP 1. Go to your Wordpress.org dashboard and under Appearance go to Themes

  • STEP 2. Click on Add New

  • STEP 3. Click on Upload Theme and search the .zip file in your desktop

  • STEP 4. Click on Activate Theme

Header Installation

If you wish to upload your own logo follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1. Go to your Wordpress.org dashboard and under Appearance go to Header
  • STEP 2. look for the Header Tab clic on Add New

  • Note. Please make sure the image uploaded is the size recommended by the theme. in the image above you will see it's 960 x 225. A png with transparent background is best.

Create a Landing Page

If wish to create a landing page with no sidebar do as follows:

  • STEP 1. Create a PAGE, titled BLOG and save. No need to add anything else.
  • STEP 2. Make sure your Landing Page has the "Landing Page Template" selected on the right side of the page editor.

  • STEP 3. Go to Settings - Reading and under Static Page select the name page that should show up as Landing Page.

Read More Button

The Read More button is optional for all themes.By default it wont appear on it's own. If you wish to add it follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1. Go to the post editor.
  • STEP 2. Click on the "Insert Read More Tag" where you wish link to appear.

  • STEP 3. Publish or Update the post.